About Me

Kishan Kumar Photo

Hey there! I'm a self-taught full-stack developer hailing from India who loves hacking cool stuff! Next.js and are my go-to weapons, but sometimes, I dive into the world of NFT smart contracts with Scilla on Zilliqa. You could say I'm a jack of all trades, master of fun. 😄

I've had my hands on two major NFT smart contracts for The Soulless Citadel, the largest NFT project on Zilliqa. One of these bad boys is a full-blown NFT marketplace, packed with bidding, listing, purchasing, and more. The other is an NFT minting contract with fancy discount mechanisms like premining and whitelist. Oh, and I also whipped up the GraphQL API for the Soulless Game, a real-time card game where you can play with the NFTs you own. Pretty cool, huh?

When I'm not busy typing away, I love sharing my coding adventures on my blog. I also unwind with books on life and startups, and nothing beats coding with some chill lofi beats in the background. 🎧

So, are you working on something that's got you jumping out of your seat with excitement? Let's chat about it! Drop me a line below. 👇😉